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I had your world famous on my steaks last night. WOW! NY strip never tasted so good!

Kathleen N. Cincinnati, OH

Bob, put some of your World Famous Rub, with my eggs this morning, thanks for the tip, really enjoyed it!!!

Jim S., Pulaski, NY

…had some on burgers last night...Gloria loved `em!

Jamie G, Wilmington, NC

Just used Bob's World Famous on my chicken kabobs for dinner tonight. A big hit with everyone in the family even my picky teens! I really like the way it enhances without a salty taste. I am looking forward to using it on my steamed veggies tomorrow night!

K.N, Mason, OH

Bob's World Famous is good on just about everything....I really like it on my mashed potatoes!! check it out…


…I tried the BWF steak seasoning on some chicken last night… VERY good! I definitely enjoyed it and now I'm looking forward to trying it on some eggs. Its got me in the mood to pick up some steaks to grill this weekend. Well done, sir!

Byron B, Bethlehem, PA

Bob's is as good if not better than Emeril's seasoning…

Dr. Sam G., Bucks County, PA

I tried Bob's on my salmon steaks last night… YUMMY!!!


I wanted to let you know how much we all have enjoyed your seasoning! I added some to a cauliflower soup recipe this week and it was just right. Thanks so much!!

Maria J, Lakeport, NY

WOW…great seasoning!! We tried Bob's on turkey burgers and jalapeno poppers last night for my son's birthday dinner. Bob's was terrific on both, everyone loved the flavor. I will be ordering more soon.

Fred B., Bethlehem, PA

I usually use the Weber line of seasonings when grilling. Last night I used Bob's World Famous Steak Seasoning and it blew the Weber Sesaonings away. Bob's has more flavor and less salt. Thanks

John K., Bethlehem, PA


to Bob's World Famous

Where the art of enhancing food's natural flavors is top priority. Over the past thirteen years, I have perfected a steak seasoning that can and should be used on all foods, not just steak.

Bob's World Famous Steak Seasoning is a unique blend of over thirteen herbs and spices that will bring out and enhance the natural flavors of beef, poultry, pork, fish, fresh vegetables and more. I always want Bob's to be fresh with MAX flavor, so the herbs and spices are blended in small, made to order, quantities.

Another passion of mine over the years, BBQ'd ribs, fall off the bone, tender juicy, spicy, flavorful RIBS! Pork ribs, beef ribs, spare ribs or baby back ribs, any kind of ribs. If they've been rubbed with Bob's World Famous Ribb-Rubb and slow cooked on the grill or slow cooked in the smoker, you will say…"they are the best dang ribs I ever had".

On this site, I'll share with you recipes that myself and others have developed over the years using Bob's World Famous Steak Seasoning. As you develop your own recipes, I'd love to hear about them. Please feel free to share these, along with your experiences, directly with me at

In my mind, there's nothing better than firing up the backyard grill, enjoying a frosty cold beverage, and preparing a flavorful meal for friends and family. Enjoy!

Because I love grilling, Bob's World Famous website will offer special grilling items as they become available. Please visit often.