Bob's World Famous

My taste and desire for savory meals has evolved since childhood. Growing up in a large family with six kids, going out to eat didn't happen often. When it did, it was a real treat! On such special occasions, my father always ordered prime rib, which set the standard for what we considered the ultimate meal when dining in a fine restaurant.

My mom was an excellent homemaker – complete with cooking and baking. The fresh baked bread, cookies, cakes and pies were out of this world! Everyday day meals, however, were basic and without a lot of spice. Feeding the masses, six kids, all with different tastes, likes and dislikes, spice was not an option.

After leaving home for college, cooking for me became essential. I hated fast food but loved to eat, so learning how and what to cook happened quickly. Experimenting with different recipes and spices became a hobby. Often times, I'd go out to dinner to a fine restaurant, try a new dish and, if I liked it, I would go home and try to recreate it based on taste and smell.

A few years after college and now in the work force, I was frequenting fine restaurants for business dinners. I can still remember the business dinner and the meal that started my quest for the perfect steak seasoning. True to my up bringing, I ordered the prime rib dinner. Upon ordering, the waitress asked if I would like my slow roasted prime rib seasoned with the chef's special seasoning. Intrigued, and always willing to try new foods, I ventured to try this new concept, "Seasoned Prime Rib". To my amazement and great delight, the prime rib was fantastic! At the end of this awesome meal, my request for the chef's special seasoning was politely denied. The very next day I started my journey of blending spices and experimenting with different recipes in an attempt to recreate the savory "ultimate prime rib dinner" that I experienced the night before. I went back to that particular restaurant often, paying close attention to the look, smell and taste of the seasoned prime rib.

It took several months, maybe even a couple of years, of blending different herbs and spices. Add a spice, take one away, increase the amount of one spice and decrease the amount of another. I bought several steak seasonings from the spice rack at the grocery store and did side-by-side taste tests, my blend vs. theirs. Ultimately, I created a blend of herbs and spices that exceeded the "chef's special seasoning" back on the night that I first experienced the "ultimate prime rib dinner".

At first, my spice creation was relatively unknown to anyone other than my immediate family. We would have guests for steak dinner and we would have backyard BBQ's where I would use my spice creation. People would comment on the great flavor of the steak and inquire about the seasoning that I used and where they could buy some. Eventually, I was making large batches of the seasoning and giving it to friends and family.

My daughters, Alexis and Kelsey, absolutely loved the spice creation and would not eat steak or hamburgers without "Daddy's seasoning". They would often tell me I should bottle the seasoning and sell it. When I asked my daughters what the seasoning should be called, rather than "Daddy's seasoning", they came up with "Bob's World Famous Steak Seasoning". I questioned the "world famous" part of the name and they said "if people were able to buy your seasoning, everybody would buy it all around the world and then you'd be famous". So, Bob's World Famous Steak Seasoning was born!

Over the last thirteen years I have made and given away several batches of seasoning, tweaked the recipe several times and have tried my seasoning on several different types of meat (steak, hamburger, pork chops, pork tenderloin, chicken, turkey, sword fish, tuna, tilapia, salmon, haddock, shark, venison and more) as well as fresh veggies from the garden. Many of the people that I've given Bob's World Famous Steak Seasoning have enjoyed it on even a wider variety of food than I ever imagined. There has been a unanimous theme, Bob's World Famous Steak Seasoning brings out and enhances the natural flavor of everything it is used on.

Bob's World Famous Steak Seasoning has proven to be much more than just a steak seasoning. A number of people that have used it claim that it exceeds their expectations on many different types of food – from eggs and popcorn, to hoagies and bread dipping oil. Just when I think there can't be another food that Bob's can be used on, someone will tell me of a new food pairing. Again, the resounding theme being "it's just that GOOD!"

You too can now experience this universal seasoning for yourself. Purchase a bottle of Bob's World Famous Steak Seasoning today. Try it on steak, chicken, fish, pork, veggies, potatoes – try it on anything to bring out and enhance your favorite meals. After you use Bob's, please send me an email with your experiences. I would like to hear your feedback and along with the foods that you enjoy with "Bob's World Famous". Enjoy!